Get to know me.

My name is Dane.

I'm an NYC-based designer with a focus on visual brand-building and art direction.

What do I do, exactly?

With 8 years of freelance design experience under my belt, my skills are varied and span a wide range. So it depends on who you ask.

But if it has anything to do with the visual identity of your company, or art direction for a creative project, I'm probably into it. And if it doesn't, I still may be able to help - just reach out and ask.


Visual Branding

From a fresh logo and website, to collateral, social, and a style guide to be your brand's foundation long into the future - I do it all.

Design consulting

Need a savvy designer on-call for short or long-term design executions? Reach out.

ART direction

Need someone to help breathe life into your vision and lead you through the design trenches? I can help.

Email me at
If you're reading this, I'm currently available for hire.