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Fancy meeting you here.

While you're at it, take a peek at a little of what I've been working on – from visual branding to design and art direction.


Everything They Didn't Tell You

A free book jacket that turns the #1 best-selling pregnancy book into an essential health guide for Black mothers-to-be.

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Impossible Journey

A meticulously hand-painted short film depicting 2 storks with 2 very different journeys to motherhood, highlighting the disparities in maternal health care for Black women.

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Spotify Podcast Brief

An innovative approach to getting Gen Z to listen to podcasts on Spotify.

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Adidas UNITEFIT Brief

Telling the world about the future of fashion.

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Josephines Miniature Pies

A startup miniature pie company in need of a complete brand identity.

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Kinetic Typography

A work-in-progress collection of experiments with kinetic typography using Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects.

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Fête Poster Series

An on-going poster series inspired by my heritage and vintage Trinidad carnival photographs.

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Kidney Killerz

A college-collective turned legit real-estate-company.

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Complete visual branding and art direction for a budding LA-based music curation company.

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