Impossible Journey

A meticulously hand-painted short film depicting 2 storks with 2 very different journeys to motherhood, highlighting the disparities in maternal health care for Black women.

The Problem:

Black mothers are 3x more likely to die from childbirth than White mothers.


The harrowing statistics that plague Black mothers-to-be are often buried in news headlines and overlooked on paper.


We can bring those statistics to life and illustrate and highlight a very real problem through a hand-painted short film.


In a partnership with AREA 23 and Aster, we sent 700 of the hand-painted frames of the film to people in position to make immediate change including lawmakers in the Senate, with a QR code to watch the film and CTA to support the Momnibus Act–a bill that's sitting with Senate without a vote for over a year.


Storyboarding, website design, art direction, interactive 3D animations

This particle effect, modified to look like clouds, is running live through an embedded Spline scene into a Webflow site.

Other projects: 

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