Everything They Didn't Tell You

A free book jacket that turns the #1 best-selling pregnancy book into an essential health guide for Black mothers-to-be.

I could've never predicted that a project so deeply personal would have an impact like this. With my wife 7 months pregnant, and after changing doctors 3 times, I came up with this idea to get Black moms-to-be the representation and information they need most. I pitched it to my CCO, and executed with a small team in a few months.

This project has now earned 9 advertising awards including a bronze Lion for print and publishing, and a silver Glass Lion for Change at Cannes International Festival of Creativity 2023; 2 awards for print sales and packaging at the Creative Floor Awards 2023, and a silver at MM+M Awards 2023 for Heath Advocacy/Charity, a Fusion pencil at One Show 2024, a 2024 Manny, and 2 New York Festival Health awards in 2024.

I'm currently iterating version 2.0 with my copy partner – we're just getting started.

The Problem:

Black mothers are 3x more likely to die from childbirth than White mothers.


Validating a Black mother's experience is essential to a healthy mom and healthy baby.


Hijack the #1 pregnancy book in the US and tailor it to the population that needs it most.


A partnership with AREA 23 and Black Women for Wellness, make a free book jacket that turns "America's pregnancy bible" into an essential health guide for Black mothers-to-be.


Ideation, design, art direction, interactive 3D animations. The cover was created in mid journey and edited in Photoshop.

Other projects: 

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